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Orthotics are specialist insoles designed to improve foot and lower limb function. By improving the way the foot functions this may;

Reduce pain from certain foot conditions
Prevent or slow down the development of foot deformity
Reduce the risk of certain sports injuries
Help in the treatment of lower limb musculoskeletal problems

Custom Orthotics

These are custom made to your foot and designed to treat the presenting complaint. They are prescribed following a thorough and detailed assessment of lower limb alignment and function. This involves a video gait analysis. Foot measurements for the orthotics are taken using a computerised scanning system.


Over The Counter (OTC) Orthotics

These insoles are not custom made to your foot and not necessarily made to match your foot condition or foot complaint. Many companies make these types of insoles and they can be purchased online or in many large chemists, sports shops, and outdoor clothing shops.

There is limited evidence over which type of insole works the best and Mr Yates can give you guidance on the benefits of each style and type of orthotic for your foot or lower limb complaint.

Frequently asked questions


Will insurance companies pay for my orthotics?

In general no. However, virtually all insurance companies will pay for you to be assessed to determine if you require custom orthotics. This significantly reduces the out of pocket expenses you would need to pay if uninsured. Again Mr Yates can help you make a decision as to whether to undergo a full assessment.


Can I wear orthotics in all my shoes?

Orthotics are generally designed for low heeled supportive enclosed footwear. It is possible to wear your orthotic in any shoe that will accommodate it but it is important to appreciate that “the orthotic is only as good as the shoe it sits in”. If you use an orthotic in a shoe which has little support it will not function as well.


Can I just wear better footwear and not use an orthotic?

In many cases yes. Mr Yates can give you guidance on better footwear to help your condition and this maybe sufficient to reduce your pain to the point you do not need orthotics.


Do I need different orthotics for different activities?

Custom made orthotics can be manufactured for certain sporting activities or footwear.  This may not be necessary depending upon the level of sporting activity and the degree of foot deformity or mal-alignment.   

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