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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a common cause of foot pain. They are more common in adolescence but can occur at any age. Nearly all ingrown toenails are to the big toe. For some people the soft tissue on the side of the nail becomes inflamed and can get infected. For others the nail presses against the tissue causing pain because the nail has an abnormal shape.


If this is an ongoing problem then surgery is often required. There are several different surgical techniques available for ingrown toenails and other nail problems. The best procedure for you will be discussed during your consultation. For most people surgery will involve a wedge resection where a small section of the nail is removed and stitched closed. The main advantage of this technique over chemical treatments is that the wound usually heals within 10 days as opposed to 2-6 weeks. Toenail surgery is usually performed just under a local anaesthetic.

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